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Early Modern Period (Melbourne, 1995-2000)

CHAPTER 33 - STEWARD Australian Tour 2001 7" Four songs by Stewart Anderson (of Boyracer, Empress, 555 Records) to commemorate his second Australian tour, January-March 2001. Two songs recorded by Stewart at home in 1999, two songs recorded with Pat Maley at Yo Yo studios in Olympia, Washington, late 2000. Features Jen Turrell of Rabbit In Red, and Matty Green of Boyracer. All covers are hand sprayed, stamped and stickered. A split release with Black Bean and Placenta Tape Club.

CHAPTER 32 - ORIGAMI / LIGHT'S SURPRISING CONSTANCY Split 7" Two of Melbourne's brightest new hopes on the one single. Origami feature US ex-pat Rhonda Simmonds, once of Ninetynine, Spitboy, Full Boney etc. They play sinuously exotic, hypnotic pop with twin female vocals. Light's Surprising Constancy were a largely instrumental combo practising a minimalist, angular style, full of warmth and melody but also a little moodiness. They broke up earlier this year.

CHAPTER 31 - THE CANNANES Living The Dream CD The Cannanes' 8th or 9th (who 's counting?) album in their 15+ year history finds them back on an Australian label for the first time since 1989. Again, a wonderfully warm, melodic and funny album, underpinned this time by a newfound fidelity and technical assurance. The Cannanes are a national treasure.

CHAPTER 30 - SLEEPY TOWNSHIP / SMILEY Split 7" Japanese beat-pop magicians Smiley toured Australia in mid 2000, and struck up a firm friendship with Chapter's house-band Sleepy Township. This single is a testament to their mutual admiration. It's a wonderful pop-cultural exchange, with both bands contributing exclusive tracks. Smiley's tracks were recorded in Sydney during their tour.
CHAPTER 29 - VIVIAN GIRLS / NINETY NINE Split 7" Exclusive tracks from these two psychically linked Melbourne bands. The Vivian Girls' razor sharp post-punk brought to mind Gang of Four, the Mekons or Liliput, and left only this single and an album to remember them by when they broke up in 2001. Ninetynine are one of the world's most excellent bands, here delivering two incredibly dynamic 90 second bursts of melodic energy.
CHAPTER 28 - ANDREW WILSON Amateurism 1980-1987 CD A compilation of 80's recordings by Andrew Wilson and his bands The Four Gods and The Frontier Scouts. Appearances by Grant MacLennan and Lindy Morrison of the Gobetweens, David & Robert McComb of the Triffids, and other moonlighting stars. Liner notes by Robert Forster. Rediscover a neglected hero of Australian music.

CHAPTER 27 - DRIVING PAST Real Estate CD Debut full length from this spiky and romantic four piece, basically Huon playing behind DP songwriter and poetry editor of Melbourne's The Age newspaper, Gig Ryan, whose acerbic songwriting and melodic innovation from needs no extra assistance to make Real Estate a wonder of an album.

CHAPTER 26 - PANEL OF JUDGES Blind As A Bat +3 7" Melbourne four-piece, members of Crabstick, the Golden Lifestyle Band, Sleepy Township and Molasses. Influences as diverse as Pere Ubu, the Kinks, Lee Hazlewood and the Beach Boys, make for the catchiest drone-rock songs around.

CHAPTER 24 - SLEEPY TOWNSHIP Set Sail LP/CD Debut LP from the now defunct Sleepies. Sixteen songs of rough-edged, heartfelt pop music; charismatic and very loveable. Amazing full-colour cover painting by Mia Sleepy.

CHAPTER 23 - THE FRUSTRATIONS Buck Naked Dancing Fool 7" Punk-rock/art-rock two-piece from Tasmania, in the tradition of Beat Happening, Some Velvet Sidewalk or Suicide. Treble-fest two-note guitar and crazy drumming make for a gloriously chaotic record. SOLD OUT

CHAPTER 22 - NINETYNINE 767 LP Laura MacFarlane (ex-SLEATER KINNEY, COLD COLD HEARTS etc) and band play beautifully crafted songs on vibraphone, xylophone, keyboards, wind-up toys, etc. 767 is also out on CD through Patsy (Aus) & Endearing Records (Canada).

CHAPTER 21 - DRIVING PAST Church Fete b/w Drive-by Impulse 7" David Nichols (Huon) on drums, Andrew Withycombe (Cat's Miaow/Huon) on bass, Mia Schoen (Sleepy Township/Huon) on keyboards/guitar. Gig Ryan, once of a Sydney band called Disband, writes the songs and plays guitar. Gig is a fantastic lyricist with an idiosyncratic vocal style, and Driving Past are an excellent band.

CHAPTER 20 - TRACEY READ Buster Keaton +3 7" Tracey Read also lives in Perth, she plays simple, sparse songs with great insight, humour and optimism. You might hear echoes of early TraceyThorn/ Marine Girls in her songs, which are played here with Guy and Mia Sleepy as backing band. Features the hit "Buster Keaton".

CHAPTER 19 KARL SMITH The Sky Is Beginning To Bruise 7" Karl plays in Sodastream, this is his first/only solo release. He plays folky songs with acoustic guitar, piano, cello and double bass. He has a beautiful husky voice and his music brings to mind the likes of Nick Drake, the Bats and maybe even Will Oldham.

CHAPTER 18 - SLEEPY TOWNSHIP On Line + 2 7" Three hyper-catchy pop songs played with enormous energy and passion. The beautiful lino-print card sleeve designed by Mia matches the peculiarly Australian sound of Melbourne's favourite three chord wonders.

CHAPTER 17 - SMALL WORLD EXPERIENCE Side Projects LP An incredible album of songs by Pat Ridgewell, one of Australia's finest songwriters. Pat plays chords you never knew existed and makes them sound so right. A perfect mix of early Wire and Sergio Mendes Brasil 66. An unassuming masterpiece.

CHAPTER 16 - MINIMUM CHIPS Blip 7" The Chips first solo record, an amazing development from the split single with Molasses. Jazzy improvisation fused with classic exotic 60ís pop, electone keyboard, female vocals and guitar wizardry. SOLD OUT

CHAPTER 15 - SEA SCOUTS Pattern Recognition LP SOLD OUT

CHAPTER 14 - ABOVE GROUND POOL Red Green Confuser 7 " People from the Solids, Fong, Clag and Sleepy Township, playing wonderful drony, askew pop. An outlet for Julian Williams, better known for his improvised freakouts in Solids. Red Green Confuser is a strange and compelling record.


CHAPTER 12 - SULK Dogswamp 7" SOLD OUT



The Cassette Years (Perth 1992-95)

CHAPTER 10 - Riot Guy 'Brief Moments...' cassette SOLD OUT

CHAPTER 9 - Gus 'It's Gus!' cassette SOLD OUT

CHAPTER 8 - V.A. 'Asparagus Milkshake' cassette SOLD OUT


CHAPTER 6 - V.A. 'Too Much Ash' cassette SOLD OUT

CHAPTER 5 - Big Interesing Rifle cassette SOLD OUT

CHAPTER 4 - Salty & Delicious #1 fanzine SOLD OUT

CHAPTER 3 - O! 'Scared Of Scary' cassette SOLD OUT

CHAPTER 2 - V.A. 'Kill Yr. Idols' cassette SOLD OUT

CHAPTER 1 - V.A. 'Bright Lights, Small City' cassette SOLD OUT