full toss


  SHUTDOWN 66 Gotta Gotta Get Me To Out Of It LP (CORD167) $17
...And finally, after the debauchery of their Cheatin'... LP, the Shutdown lads sink even lower, this time delving into the sordid world of illict drugs. Yes, we're afraid to confess that the lads got totally out of it to record this hallucinogenic concoction. But don't worry, there's no psychedelia or flower power on here, they hate that sort of thing. It's all 100% twisted garage punk hooch... think the MISSING LINKS LP for a reference. Includes a cover of "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" like you ain't never heard it before!

back   SHUTDOWN 66 Headin' For The Cheatin' Side Of Town LP (CORD165) $17
Seedy stories about the unfaithful nature of the Shutdown 66 band members. Lashings of R'n'B but this time you'll find a few folk rockers and a beatier number or two. Catchy tunes that tell a sorry tale. Includes a KILLER cover of their heroes the Telltale Hearts "Crawling Back To Me". (Please note: this album is not available to any wives or girlfriends of band members, thank you.)

  THE FACEFUL / SHUTDOWN 66 split 7" (CORD159) $6
This split 7” was recorded after Australian outfit Shutdown 66 were sent deep inside Japanese territory to meet up with Tokyo Punkers, The Faceful. Amongst the partying, Shutdown 66 actually recorded one of the songs for this split 7” in a bamboo shack on the outskirts of the city. Later, The Faceful returned the favour and came out to Australia and recorded their 2 songs. Highlights from this 7” include The Faceful’s cover of Shutdown’s own anthem “Fink Is King”, a stirring tribute to Fink their idol and main man of Japanese punk legends Teengenerate… Fink’s face even adorns the cover of this lovely 7”! And Shutdown’s ‘Takashi’s Party’ which was a ridiculous drunken rave up about Takashi Sawa’s birthday party that was held in Fink’s tiny apartment and is raucous and wild! A
nd don’t forget to ask for your FREE poster!

WAYNE HANCOCK Lose Your Mind 7" (CORD109) $6
During his Australian tour of a few months ago Wayne Hancock and cohorts came down to Corduroy HQ for an afternoon, armed with guitars, booze and a pair of old country classic: Ernest Tubb's "You Nearly Lose Your Mind" and the oft-covered Lieber/Stoller classic "Kansas City". For total authenticity, the songs were recorded live-to-acetate, meaning that the record was all done & ready to press the same moment they finished the song. Wayne & co. had to get 'em cracking first go. The results are in: they did!

ROADRUNNERS Would You Be Mine? 7" (CORD108) $6
Genius Swedish garage from the folks who mutated from such legendary combos as the STOMACHMOUTHS. The A-side "Would You Be Mine?" is a standout gargage punker for the ages. Fans of the Nomads, Wylde Mammoths, Kwyet Kings et al, take note!

LUST-O-RAMA Pure Lust CD (CORD107) $22
Amazing exhaustive compilation of the finest moments from the greatest garage rock’n’rollers that Norway has ever produced! It has killer Farfisa-dominated garage punk and R&B workouts with snotty vocals and fuzzy guitars. These guys have great catchy tunes and a great singer in Arne Thelin, who after this band went on to front the mighty popular Norwegian power-poppers the KWYET KINGS. As well as their own tunes you get killer covers of “Won’t You Listen” by the Dutch OUTSIDERS, “Margio” from the ROB HOEKE GROUP and just to prove they haven’t totally neglected the USA you get the “Back From The Grave” chestnut by LARRY & THE BLUE NOTES, “Night Of The Phantom”. The packaging is complete with liner notes, photos and even a foldout Pete Frame-style family tree showing the various bands that donated members to Lust-O-Rama, including TURBONEGRO! With great songs and even great recording (not exactly typical in the ‘80s!) you have the ultimate testament to a great band who captured that truly indefinable Eurobeat sound.

NAKED EYE From Obscurity To Nowhere CD (CORD106) $22
The return of Aussie rock'n'roll continues apace with this smashing debut album from the official home-town of Aussie Rock (Melbourne of course! It's r&r central baby!). Power house rifferama, mixed with intense songwriting from Scott Anderson, combines for an album that reminds us of classic Aussie bands like CELIBATE RILES, THE EASTERN DARK and THE YES-MEN. No mindless boogie woogie here, but well crafted songs that grow with each listen. Featuring the bass player from hot local sensations THE CASANOVAS in his, ahem, "serious" band, The Naked Eye really hit it in the studio with 12 tough originals and a great cover of the '60s punk gem "Going All The Way" by THE SQUIRES.

This new five-track EP leads off with a countrified, warm late night, window down, deserted country road driving version of the INXS chestnut "Don't Change." Lashings of pedal steel and whisky vocals present this top-forty fodder in a completely new light. The second track "Elvis" is ostensibly the tale of a small town country boy but it's one of those multi layered tunes that actually tells the fable of our favourite son of Tupelo. A classic! 3 more bonus live tracks from Dan Warner's legendary, popular long running local residencies.

  LES SEXAREENOS We Gonna Ball! 7" (CORD103) $6
Three new & exclusive songs from Montreal's reigning r&b supremos! "We Gonna Ball" is THAT riff recycled for the 187th BRILLIANT time, and you also get a cover of KENNY & THE KASUALS "Journey To Tyme". Let's see what ROCTOBER said about it: "You know you're getting quality TrashRock when it sounds like it unquestioningly was recorded inside of a garbage can! This is so good I'm getting the exact grooves of the record tattooed on my ass". And so should you!

  CHUCK PROPHET The Hurtin' Business LP (CORD102) $17
"Let's say Bob Dylan and Keith Richards went out drinking and found Tom Waits and Johnny Cash at the bar, then they all went over to Paul Westerberg's house where he was jamming in the basement with some cheesy '60s band like the Turtles... the guy you never saw before swaggering up to the microphone like he owned it would be Chuck Prophet." -- Eric Fidler, Sound Bites

  CHUCK PROPHET Homemade Blood LP (CORD101) $17
Barely out of his teens and living in San Francisco, Chuck Prophet joined psychedelic-roots-cowboys Green On Red in the early '80s; their brand of Americana echoes in the music of today's No Depression/insurgent country combos--from Kelly Willis to Wilco and beyond. “Homemade Blood” is the fourth album of Chuck Prophet's solo career, which began with the dissolution of Green On Red in 1991. It looks set to build upon the large underground following he already enjoys. While making 'Homemade Blood', Prophet flouted modern day recording practice and cut the album live - imperfections and all, giving it a slightly rough edge. Great tunes include the Dylanesque title track which rub shoulders with soulful lyrics and adventurous guitars solos as on 'Ooh Wee', while small eccentricities, such as harmonica accompaniment on 'Til You Came Along', add to the musical interest. The dozen tracks that comprise 'Homemade Blood' are some of the most spirited and diverse Prophet songs to date. It must rank as Prophet's most accomplished solo album, and has unsurprisingly drawn impressive reviews from the critics.

  MISSING LINKS Diggin' Thru The Bins LP (CORD100) $17
SURELY THEY WERE TOUCHED BY THE HAND OF GOD. There can be no other explanation for the god like ruckus that Australia’s finest group kicked out in their brief life span and now we release the jewel in the crown, the first ever vinyl comp of their singles, EP and many tracks never before to get the royal vinyl treatment. With this raucous blast of noise, you get a full complement of tracks that include an amazing version of “I’ll Go Crazy”, their cool pulsating take on “Shakin’ All Over” and you’ll freak when you hear them blister the linoleum off your kitchen floor with their spin on “Wooly Bully.” I tell you when I drop the needle on the Links moment of greatest epiphany “Don’t Gimme no Friction” it makes me feel downright patriotic! Also included are other incredible unreleased tracks like “Come my Way” “Don’t Deceive” etc etc…plus the original 7” version of their all time classic “All I Want,” which is truly too cool to exist in this timespace! You can own this holy grail and get it on the lord’s preferred format- VINYL, and if that wasn’t enough you also get an INCREDIBLE 12 page booklet with full history of the band by rock guru Peter Markmann, which includes all known photos of the band. It is totally drool worthy and you can only get it here!!

  THE POETS Get With The Poets & Live! LP (CORD099) $17
The Poets story begins in 1963 when they were picked up by of Rolling Stones co-manager Andrew Loog Oldham. This compilation features some of their most finest and obscure releases that include a NME top 30 entrant, THERE ARE SOME and the eerie sounding NOW WE”RE THRU b/w THERE ARE SOME, that even Lennon said of it at the time, “it’s weird.” Lets not forget the single THAT’S THE WAY IT’S GOT TO BE, which was a rollicking piece of bass driven beat that still packs a real punch, and it really sizzles when those maracas come snapping in towards the finale. It also includes George Gallacher’s final contribution to the group’s continued effort, the (Scot-Beatified) soul offering BABY DON’T YOU DO IT, a dramatic you’ve-never- heard-it-done-like-this-before rendition. The music of The Poets shaped the many internal changes that they had as a band and this compilation captures them from the departure of the Gallacher-Paton-Myles sound and feel and the12 strings to the modern psychedelic sound that Fraser brought as the lead guitarist. Although The Poets time was cut short, this compilation captures their impeccable array of starry eyed and truly ethereal sounding 45s…..

"Smash It Up!" effectively describes these recordings more effectively than famous French bon vivant Stompin Harvey could ever have realised when he first put quill to parchment to pen those immortal revolutionary words so long ago. With the accompaniment of members of the Rolling Stones and The Pretty Things, this recording showcases Harvey’s legendary smoothness of a French lover combined with his fiery passion for RnB. "Smash It Up!" is warped by the longest echo chamber in the history of recorded music... He lives again... Stompin Harvey... A lover, a fighter, indeed a poet... "What you gonna do till the day you die You better Smash it up!"

  TONI OK Dancin' GoGo Guitar Mood LP (CORD097)

  CHEROKEES The GO!! Sessions LP (CORD096) $17
Melbourne's CHEROKEES had a longevity that most other '60s bands from Australia didn't. Their first single for the GO!! label was the mournful "I've Been Trying" (a cover of an obscure IMPRESSIONS B-side). This was followed by the frantic "If You Want Me To" which barnstormed up to number 7 on the charts. Whilst "Shame On You Baby" was their first released original on the flip of their 3rd GO!! single, their fifth GO!! single, "Little Lover" b/w "The Thought Of You" is their wildest and best. Both sides were flat-strap beat-punk rave-ups of the highest order. After the GO!! label folded and another line-up change, the limp "Sally" single and a few months of playing live, they called it a day leaving behind a legacy as one of the finest, wildest and most under-rated exponents of beat that Australia produced. This compilation pulls together their wildest and punkest moments and is a blast from start to finish!

  BANG! Secret Revolution 7"EP (CORD095) $6
The second single for this unashamedly mod French band, who also had their debut 7" on Corduroy. More of the same sub-WHO snappy r&b/pop that has made 'em small time stars in Europe. Debut LP out soon on MISTY LANE Records.

MAD MACK The Max Green Files 7"EP (CORD094) $6
Macka, singer and guitarist for the Onyas, ventures into the world of the solo artiste. If you were maybe hoping for a musical diversion with acoustic flourishes, an outpouring of emotion or even lyrics that made you think for two seconds you won't get any of it here. Macka is content to ditch the backing band, stick a new battery in his distortion pedal and let rip. Two new originals about broken guitars and illicits, a re-run of the Onyas "The Last Of The Atope Sticks" and a cover of the CHRIS BAILEY's "Everything's Fine".

  MACH PELICAN Kim Salmon Sessions 7" (CORD093) $6
The A-side “Airport” is a poignant romantic tune about saying goodbye to friends and loved ones at, you guessed it, the airport. Something the Pelican have had to get used to with their constant skirmishes around the Pacific Rim. The B-side features the band's rendition of an early Scientists' tune “Last Night”. The single is culled from recording sessions the band did with Kim Salmon at Melbourne's Atlantic Studios and reflects a stronger pop edge the band have added to their repertoire in the past year or so.

  HEKAWIS / SHUTDOWN 66 Scottish Giveaway 7" (CORD092) $6
If international travelling sounds exotic, and it is, it doesn't even
compare to the swinging times to be had at Corduroy HQ in good old Melbourne, Australia! It's here that the boys got good and plastered and recorded direct to VINYL on Corduroy's own cutting lathe! Shutdown do a Thanes cover, one of their fave bands from Scotland, and the Hekawis rave up the Stones' "Under My Thumb". Not only do the bands literally throb live outta the grooves, but you can mell the dank alcohol sweat dripping from the sleeves as well!

  VARIOUS Wild Weekend 2 7"EP (CORD091) $6

  FABULOUS ITCHIES / SHUTDOWN 66 split 7" (CORD090) $6

LUXEDO Comatosa CDS (CORD089) $10.00
Hot on the heels of the their indie chart-topping “You Really Suck” EP and the highly acclaimed long-player “City Lights & Roadkill” comes this moan’n’groan, bump’n’grind slice of rock’n’roll dirge. There’s no question that this too will fly straight to the top of the charts, strut around like a drunken peacock, thumb its nose at all the indie-boys, and then of course self destruct like a “mission impossible” message. As a little treat you get a bonus three songs, including a tres cool PRINCE cover, a version of “Upon Those Rails” featuring DAN BRODIE and the ubiquitous CHARLIE OWEN and a very snazzy multimedia component with the clip to “You Really Suck”.

  VARIOUS Rock The Tombstones 7" (CORD088) $6

  DR. EXPLOSION / SHUTDOWN 66 split 7" (CORD087) $6

BRASS BED Save Your Breath CD (CORD086) $22
A dark, scary excursion into the mind of Stu Thomas (bass player for Kim Salmon, Luxedo, numerous others). Take one part Tom Waits, one part Latin Playboys, one part Mexican funeral brass band, season with the deranged output of Black Eye Records and mix together in the dark between 3 am and sunrise. Hey even if you hate brass instruments you could very well love this album, it's not always "easy listening" but it is always fascinating and complex, and always maintains that groove. It's cool!

  MYSTAKEN Don't Fuck Wiv' Me 7" (CORD085) $6
Not since the glory days of The Runaways, Suzi Quatro and Nikki & The Corvettes have we at Corduroy witnessed such a phenomenal explosion in oestrogen-powered rock and roll. It is going to be impossible for me to write this without peppering it with words such as 'seminal', 'groundbreaking' and 'wildly influential'. The A-side, 'Don't Fuck Wiv Me' is a touching, lyrical insight into male/female co-existance and the pressures and demands thereof, while the flip, 'Hey Little Girl' woulda been chart-topping smash if there was any justice in this god-forsaken, dance-ravaged country of ours. So, as that guy on that live album once said, are you gonna be part of the problem or part of the solution? We can't afford to take like bands like The Mystaken for granted any longer. We should all be honoured that they have deemed our ears fit to sample their splendid rock'n'roll wares. This single should see the girls propelled to their rightful position as queens of Australia's rock'n'roll monarchy.

  DAN WARNER One Perfect Day 7" (CORD084) $6

  DRIVEWAY SERVICE Driving On Rock'n'Roll And Alcohol 7" (CORD083) $6

  THE KING HITS Don't Mess Around 7" (CORD082) $6
Every now and then a band comes out of absolutely nowhere and kicks you in the teeth, leaving your eyes watering and thinking “where the hell did that come from?”. Well, the KING HITS certainly live up to their name. These guys formed, jammed TWICE and ran to the studio to record their newly-penned tunes all within the space of a week. At this rate we’ll have a full-length album in a few days, and they’ll break up in a drug-fuelled haze in about a fortnight!! Side A, “Don’t Mess Around” is a seething punk sneer-fest that Billy Childish would be most proud of, while the flip, “Can’t Wait” sees the band storming into BO DIDDLEY territory, via the PRETTY THINGS and the LYRES! Ouch!! Featuring the vocal talents of Jay Wiseman, perhaps best known for his work with San Diego’s garage kings, THE HOODS – a band that also featured the legendary Mike Stax, of Tell-Tale Hearts/Loons/Ugly Things fame. Jay howls like he’s full of the devil himself and is crying out for a rock’n’roll exorcism!

  THE THANES Double Dutch 7" (CORD081) $6

  SHUTDOWN 66 Stateside Shutdown 7" (CORD080) $6
A dream come true for Shutdown as they travel to San Diego and record in the same studio as their heroes the TELL-TALE HEARTS! Their mentor Mike Stax – Tell-Tale Hearts’ leader and editor of “Ugly Things”, Shutdown’s Holy Book – came along for the ride with several cases of Milwaukee’s Best, sang backing vocals, played maracas and played the role of Executive Producer. When Nicky Shutdown was but a tot he took a listen to the Tell-Tale Hearts debut LP, put ham-fist to guitar and wrote the A-side “Late At Night I Feel Restless”. The song has just the lack of technique and accomplished songwriting you could hope for in a 60s punk number. The flipside is the “US demo version” of “Sure Does Make Me Blue”, scheduled to appear on either their second or third LPs, whichever comes first.



  SHUTDOWN 66 / CHEAP SHOTS split 7" (CORD078) $6


GUITAR WOLF / SHUTDOWN 66 Australian Tour 7" (CORD077) $6

T-BONES Smartest Kid In Town CD (CORD076) $22
For some years now the T-Bones have been quietly chronicling the fading fortunes of the bush in the Murray regions of northern Victoria and south-west NSW - songs about amphetamine-fuelled shearers, cars, guns, broken hearts and the inevitable lure of the city. There is no false sentimentality here. Charlie Wilde (guitar) and Andrew Pupillo (vocals) are perceptive storytellers. Their songs present a clear-eyed account of a culture under threat. Says Wilde, "We grew up in a hard-edged world full of misfits and rednecks, people who were both hard and soft in all kinds of ways. I'd like to think we hold up a mirror to all of that, not to parody or gloss over faults and shortcomings, but to tell the stories as we see them, filled with turmoil and isolation, yet with some kind of weird harmony."

  THURSTON HOWLERS We Are The Jetstet 7" (CORD075) $6

LUXEDO City Lights & Roadkill CD (CORD074) $22
"City Lights & Roadkill" is Luxedo's second full length release and it delivers in all the ways that its' predecessor "Beauty Queen" only hinted at. Suppose Hank Williams, Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Johnny Thunders, Prince and Kim Salmon were to all have their way with Nico, up against the bar at Max's Kansas City, then this here rekkid would be the resulting lovechild. Combining Stones-y swagger with Scientists squawk, a liberal dose of Velvets cool and a flood of chemical sweat, this record is gonna have you shakin' in your Cuban heels with hyper-sexual dribblin' delirium. Main man Tom Carlyon grunts, groans, croons and moans his way through these 13 tunes like a man possessed, obsessed & just plain messed. Emilie Martin has traded in her violin for a guitar this time round, and now plays both Nico AND John Cale to Tom's Lou Reed. Ex- Immortal Soul, Craig Williamson is up the back, bumpin' out nicotine-stained burlesque sex-beats and Stu Thomas holds down the bottom end with sexed-up sleaze & subtle sneer. This is music to self-destruct to, amidst a pile of empty bottles, empty foils and empty promises.

CORD073 - THE BREADMAKERS Live LP - scheduled for release in summer 2004!

  THE ZEAL self-titled LP/CD (CORD072) $17/22
A self-titled CD & LP release,the debut album for The (nee Hellenic) Zeal album sees the band expanding their riff-laden, string-bendin’, ass-shakin’ sounds to the nth degree. Nine original tracks, with guest appearances by Nick Volk (The Rectifiers) on pedal steel & trumpeting noise by local lad Mr Gordeau. The band are keen to avoid being lumped into any restrictive genres (stoner-rock etc) preferring to experiment with the whole rock & roll she-bang. Songs range from the loose, dirty boogie of “Mess I’m In” to the all-out sonic jam of the 8-minute-plus album closer “She’s got the Shakes”. After a few hard years of gigging, a couple of 7”s and a CDEP, this album has at long last captured their edgy live sound.

  CRANE TRASH s/t CD (CORD071) $22
A very cool, world class debut release from local country rockers CRANE TRASH. Full of tales of woe, broken hearts and drunkenness just like a proper country record should be! Features cult comedian ANTHONY MORGAN on lead vocals but this definitely ain't no comedy disc. There is a wry sense of humour but it is definitely of the blackest kind. Lost love, dead children, impotence and grief, grief, grief. Beautiful guitar pickin' from NICKY DEL REY gives the whole album a very authentic feel. One listen and you will swear that some of these tracks must be country classics written by George Jones or Merle Haggard, but they're all written by the boys themselves and I can tell you what there are some real pearlers! Very cool valve driven twanging, plucking, hitting and crooning. We reckon this is one of those classic debut albums that you will still be listening to years from now.

  BREADMAKERS The Case Of The Smouldering Redhead LP/CD (CORD070) $17/$22
The world's first R&B Opera?! The entire album is tied together with a hard-boiled detective narrative to produce a baffling noir murder mystery. If r'n'r and crime novels are your bag, this is not only a KILLER, it's essential!

LUXEDO You Really Suck CDEP (CORD069) $10.00

  JACK HOWARD Lo Stresso Tempo CD (CORD068) $22
Jack Howard played trumpet with the late, great Hunters and Collectors. He also sang backing vocals and played keyboards and was one of the musical forces behind the band. Two years after the band's demise, Jack has released his first solo CD, a five-track gem entitled "Lo Stresso Tempo". The CD features Jack's lush, dark songs, his rich voice and horn and some of Melbourne's finest musicians: Nicky Del Rey (Crane Trash, Intoxica) on guitar, Ashley Davies (Matt Walker and Ashley Davies) on drums, Matt Hayden (Moler, Spencer Jones, the Sailors) on organ, and Doug Robertson (Ice Cream Hands) on bass. Over the years, Jack has also performed and recorded with Midnight Oil, The Models, X, Painters and Dockers and Harem Scarem amongst others; he's written songs about footy & the Olympics for Channel 7 ("Thank God the Footy's Back", "Keeper Of The Flame"). After 17 years' apprenticeship with Australia's best bands, Jack has arrived on the scene in his own right - a great songwriting talent with a voice to match.

  FACEFUL Flag Is Up 7" (CORD067) $6

  SHUTDOWN 66 Welcome To Dumpsville LP (CORD066) $17
The first LP re-released with a proper printed cover -- the first 2,500 with bootleg style covers are now SOLD OUT and collector's items -- it's an R'n'B punk classic after all!!!
"Sounds like Q65" - Kommotion Fanzine
"Blew the door off my room!" - Tickler zine (Germany)
"Brilliant!" - Barbara, Get Hip Records (USA)
"Brilliant, a masterpiece!" - Farniente (France)

  THANES One Night As I Wandered The Moors… 2LP (CORD065) $22
THE THANES have never been just your conventional garage band. Even their rockin’ numbers had a mysterious atmosphere about them, and their slow tracks – like “I’ll Rest” – are truly awe-inspiring in their moodiness. Right from the start those in the know could tell THE THANES were special, and most fans have followed them devotedly for over a decade. Corduroy President Nick Phillips saw them play last year in England and confirms that THE THANES are still as mind blowing as ever. This record is a personal selection put together by devout THANES fans, proving that surely they are one of the greatest moody Beat groups the UK has ever produced in any era!


  DRIVEWAY SERVICE Self Service Slut 7" (CORD063) $6
Once again the boys have pulled off a paint peeling live in the studio recording with an incredible chaotic sound that has even been compared to legendary incendiary Aussie combo the MISSING LINKS! It is hot, sweaty & wild rock'n'roll. The band only records in summer in a tiny one room studio with no ventilation and they refuse to begin recording until they have polished off a large amount of beer with tequila in it (try it – it is great!) and the room temperature is above 35 degrees Celsius. Of course both tracks are about petrol stations (as are all Driveway Service songs). The A-side tells the tale of woe of a hapless service station attendant who works at a full-service station while his rotten girlfriend is getting round at night going to self service stations. He has got to put her down. Side-B is I SOLD MY SOUL TO THE DEVIL FOR GASOLINE; another wretched story of what happens when you run out of petrol late at night on a lonely back road. A ripper single! What Johnny Thunders would have sounded like if he had been a tequila fuelled petrol head instead of a junkie!

VARIOUS What's The Use?! LP (CORD062) $17
The follow-up comp to the legendary and still in-demand "It's A Kave In!" LP released on Kavern-7 in 1987. This rounds up a bunch of never-released acetates by DESPERATE TEENAGE LOSERS who weren't just forgotten but completely ignored in their time! One listen to this will make you realise the Industry musta been run by greedy CRIMINALS back then too!

  CHANTS R'n'B Live At the Stage Door - 1966 LP (CORD061) $17
Simply put this LP IS what Rock and Roll Is all about! A totally wild live set from a sweaty little club in the sleepy town of Christchurch NEW ZEALAND in 1966. I cannot imagine what the locals would have thought when this bunch of lunatics took the stage and began mercilessly deconstructing some of their favourite RnB and soul numbers. You will have heard other bands play some of these tracks but you aint never heard them like this before. This band is SAVAGE, totally SAVAGE. The CHANTS take a tame little tune like the SUPREMES' "Baby I Need Your Loving" and turn it into a snarling, broody RnB workout. Their version of "Hoochie Coochie Man" would make Jon Spencer run and hide under his CD player in fear. And what a choice of cool covers! GRAHAM BOND, THE PRETTY THINGS, and Scotlands fabulous POETS. Wild 60s RnB is my favourite type of music ever and I can tell you this is about as prime an example as you could ever hope to find. Just thank God that one of the band members had the good sense to press record on his reel-to-reel before the anarchy began. Certainly this is a much more important historical find than any boring old Dead Sea Scrolls!

  SIDEKICKS Big Town Redneck 7" (CORD060) $6
Debut single for raggedy-assed London-based misfits. Super nasty guitars and gravelly vocals make for a "Horror Stories"-era DWARVES-style schizo-surf mess! Corduroy's snarliest moment yet. First batch on red vinyl. Ouch!!

HEKAWIS Monkey Woman 7" (CORD059) $6
From the tropical North of Australia, the HEKAWIS are our spiritual heirs to the Boston rock’n’roll sound of the LYRES and the Northwest frat sound of the WAILERS. On this release, they dish up a killer selection of original tracks, from BOOKER T inspired intros, to touches of FLAMING GROOVIES on the title track. This is romping, stomping, Farfisa breaking rock ’n’ roll at its best. Just think of LITTLE RICHARD jamming with a very drunk selection of THE LYRES.

  SIR BALD DIDDLEY Maximum Rhythm & Bird 7" (CORD058) $6
A scorching r&b workout from England, the likes of which we haven't seen for 35 years! Seriously, the first track on this EP, "Self Destruct" sounds like some song the KINKS forgot to record, complete with wailing harp, crashing guitars and a killer Dave Davies solo. Monster sound couresty Liam Watson at Toe Rag Studios. In fact all four tracks are swingin' r&b, all are recorded in glorious mono and to top it all off, there's a cover of "On My Mind" by (the incomparable) Ronnie Wood's BIRDS!

HEKAWIS Born Yesterday LP/CD (CORD057) $17/$22
Brisbane’s The Hekawis new LP is an amalgam of the punk sneer and weird Brisbane accent of the Saints; the raving Australian 60’s beat-punk style of the MISSING LINKS; with the cool pop sensibilities and song writing style of the SUNNYBOYS. " Born Yesterday" features moody ballads to amazingly cool original ravers and all with that special dash of Hekawis soul and that KILLER Farfisa organ sound. It has simply great song writing from bass player extraordinaire and Hekawis driving force, Jamie “Wild Eagle” Peirce, Stevie, and even a couple of numbers penned by Gavin ”The Sheik” Ross. This is the album I always knew the Hekawis had in them… Enjoy!

  HEKAWIS Tribute To Del 7" (CORD056) $6
Another fine release to add to the mighty canon of work that is the Hekawis career. The A-side is an incredibly cool New England style moody ballad dripping with Farfisa and Leslie action, whilst on the B-side the Hekawis take an excursion south of the Border to give us the gripping Flaming Groovies-esqe rocker “Going Back To Mexico” (think “Heading for the Texas Border” but with a pumping Farfisa and a tribe of screaming banshees doing the singing). The perfect 7” one side for party dancing, the flip for after-party romancing!! Cool cover art by comic book genius Jack Sonar completes this package, and guess what? It's super-limited, so don’t muck about!

  ONE-WAY STREETS One Ugly Child 7"EP (CORD055) $6

THURSTON HOWLERS Backus Fracas 7" (CORD054) $6
Wanna learn true playboy sophistication? Wanna dress to impress & shake it to the ‘now’ sound? Dig The Thuston Howlers – a combo fuelled by the energy of mid-'60s garage punk with a reverb drenched surf guitar. For these five fez wearin’, cigar chompin’ lodge members, music is life & this means a life filled with visits to seedy burlesque clubs, sweaty dance halls and big doses of high octane Surf & Drag. These gents of the genre have a pedigree background that incudes such classy acts as the CRUSADERS, PSYCHOTIC TURNBUCKLES & HEKAWIS. But it don’t stop there; in front of all great men are of course a bunch of awesome women and in this case it’s THE MARYANNES – three gingham clad beauties who’re all vocals & curves. No live show would be right without ‘em!

  SHUTDOWN 66 s/t 7" (CORD053) $6

  SIRES Beneath Me 7" (CORD052) $6

  DAYTONAS Parabolica 2LP (CORD051) $22
After producing their brilliant debut LP "Don't Look Now… But It's The Daytonas!" for Corduroy, Swedish surf masters The Daytonas locked themselves in their basement studio for the last two years to concoct this, their latest aural masterpiece. In the letter that accompanied the master tapes the boys wrote, "please forgive us for taking so long with the recording. Don't get the wrong idea, we are not uptight musicians, we are in reality just five snotty punks out for kicks and wild fun - but we did want the music to sound right!" What can we add to that?! The Daytonas are true to their word - cool reverb drenched surf played with punk gusto and fire. The instrumental LP is nothing short of brilliant with weird sound effects like coffin lids opening - more like one of Brian Wilson's childhood nightmares than one of his California dreams! This nightmare is loosely based around the theme of Parabolica - what happens when a surfer catches the same wave as his identical double. Only one of them will survive & the first one to wipe out REALLY wipes out! This great vinyl-only double LP comes with an incredible gatefold cover by comic artist Jack Sonar, with a die-cut pop-up surfer! So hurry and get and all the Swedish surf you need with one instro LP and one vocal LP.

  MISSING LINKS self-titled LP (CORD050) $17
All your life you have searched for the greatest 60's garage disc ever and now finally here it is! Yes, this record is THAT good. From the opening track "Wild About You" (as covered by the SAINTS on their first LP) this LP just doesn't let up. What on earth was going on in the studio?! No-one will probably ever know but the sounds are just incredible, as wild as America's SONICS but MORE original and crazed! Remember this is 1965 when it was actually a good thing to be experimental (not the woeful shame it became in the late 60's/70's). We got "Driving Me Insane", the intense godhead rave-up of a Diddlyesque pounder. We got the incredible guitar solos on the demented "Some Kinda Fun". We got "Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut" that puts the PRETTY THINGS to shame, and then they reverse it to end Side B in the most insane wall of noise ever heard and this was 1965 AND on a major label! What the first OUTSIDERS LP is to the Netherlands, the first PRETTY THINGS LP to the UK, the SONICS to the USA, THIS LP is to Australia. You got the idea, now get the record! Comes in a cool hand-numbered repro of the original cover with a bonus poster. Incredibly cut to give give the perfect vinyl sound just the way this masterpiece was supposed to be heard! ALL HAIL THE GREATEST AUSSIE BAND EVER!!

  MOURNING AFTER Withdrawn LP (CORD049) $17
Finally, after years of undeserved waiting this garage punk masterpiece sees the light of stroboscopic black vinyl! Originally recorded several years ago in London with the insane Captain Sensible (THE DAMNED) as producer behind the desk, this slashing punk nugget was deemed too wild by the large UK label it was recorded for and promptly WITHDRAWN from production. Luckily the folks at Corduroy are not quite so squeamish so you finally get to sample the fuzz guitar, the screeching farfisa organ and the snot nosed vocals that make the MOURNING AFTER such a well regarded garage combo in Europe. There is also a cool cover by excellent Italian comic artist Max Pedro… limited edition… HURRY!!

TONI OK Guitar Mood OK 7" (CORD048) $6
If you want treble, you got it! TONI OK plays all instruments and handles all production credits on his debut 7" of four exotic instrumentals from Nagoya, Japan. It's a good thing too 'cos no-one is able to deter Toni from his single-minded mission: MAXIMUM TREBLE BLOWOUT!! The true extent of cataclysmic reverb caterwauling on this 7" is staggering!! And such is the command Toni has over this high-end whitewash that he manages to evoke such disparate and timeless themes as UFOS and Ancient Egypt.

  SHINDIGGERS Surf, Sex, Shindiggers! CD (CORD047) $22
The SHINDIGGERS tale begins with their inception back in 1983. Over 4 years they performed nearly 400 shows throughout Australia and released 3 EPs & a full length album, with varying levels of success here and in Canada, France, Spain, Japan & the USA. They officially gave the game away in 1987, emerging only for special one-off events such as New Years Eve shows & public radio benefits. Surf, Sex, Shindiggers! is the result of the original band lining up in '96 for a series of highly publicised, very successful shows, this gave 'em the push they needed to get back in the studio with a veritable feast of new original compositions combined with some classic Shindigger sounds.

LUXEDO Beauty Queen LP/CD (CORD046) $17/$22
Debut album for the Melbourne band who draw from the likes of SONIC YOUTH, GUN CLUB, VELVETS, SCIENTISTS and even PRINCE. Take a solid dose of repetitive swagger, mix it up with violin, cool male/female vocal trade-offs and the odd instrumental and you get one helluvan accomplished debut!

  LOSING END Soap 7" (CORD045) $6


  HYDES Out Tonite 7" (CORD043) $6
This single is an absolute ripper! The HYDES achieve that impossible combination of Rock’n’Roll and MOODINESS that only the best Euro bands achieve. I think most people agree that the Euros are not really the best at straight out rockin’, but when you combine that weird minor chordy thing, a strange accent, and semi English grammar, then if you are really lucky the result will be the stuff of GODS. Like Holland’s Q65 and the OUTSIDERS, Scotland’s THE THANES and THE POETS, you get the idea. Magic stuff! The HYDES are from Thesaloniki in GREECE and they are real passionate about rock’n’roll. This is their first single and the boys are probably destined to a career like the REAL KIDS, sadly overlooked in their time and the coolest thing ever looong after the fact.

  T-BONES 5 Days Gone LP/CD (CORD042) $17/$23

  FRANTIC V Why Do You Lie? 7" (CORD041) $6
Again the Greeks send us a moody rock’n’roll workout! This one is more on the folk rock side of things with very cool Farfisa organ, sultry twangin’ guitar and wanna-be BYRDS type vocal stylings. Excellent!
The A-side “Why Did You Lie” tells a classic garage tale whilst the slower B-side “Feeling Sad” features a great twangin’ solo that has one particular note that shifts perspective on the whole sound and helps create a moody masterpiece. Worth the purchase price for that one guitar note in the solo alone!! Hurry - this will sell out like their last Corduroy EP!

  SID GRIFFIN Jimmy Reed 7" (CORD039) $6
Sid Griffin, ex-leader of the famed LONG RYDERS, presents us with the second in our Singer Songwriter series. Sid crafts melancholy BYRDS-esque folk rock tunes, with the exception of the track “Rate of Exchange” where he’s joined by ex-DREAM SYNDICATE main man Steve Wynn to belt out a country rocker. He returns to the tear jerkers with a cover of GENE CLARK's "Why Not Your Baby". Like all good country music this has a melancholic, pass me the bottle and turn up the pedal steel type of feel. Truly downbeat stuff for riding lo in the saddle!

  EARLY HOURS Evolution LP (CORD038) $17
The Early Hours formed in Western Australia in 1995 as a bunch of school kids without any intention of playing live.Fortunately they realised that gigging is altogether necessary, and they’ve thrown themselves into it with a kind of contagious enthusiasm that keeps you whoopin’ and hollerin’ for more. Corduroy staff were so enamoured with their show that we are re-released this fabulous 2nd album as a limited tour special. If you dig your pop raw, high energy, sweet & loud in the tradition of THE STEMS and DM3, there ain’t nuthin’ better than the EARLY HOURS!

  TRACY SANTA Lo-Fi Cowboy 7" (CORD037) $6
First cowboy in the saddle of our Singer Songwriter Series. Recorded in Fort Apache Studios by hotshot producer Sean Slade who was SUPPOSED to be recording UNCLE TUPELO. Legend has it that UNCLE were waiting around in the darkness while Tracy was plucking away, until lightning struck the studio, zapped all the circuitry and wiped the tapes bar the two that appear on this 7"! Santa is joined on the toe-tapping “Liquor Wagon” by two corn-feds from Kansas while the B-side sees Tracy going solo acoustic with a great rendition of FRED NEIL’s “Little Bit Of Rain”. Neither of these two classic tracks have been released before this!

  BANG! Astrokid 7" (CORD036) $6
A real surprise for us at Corduroy, great mod sounds from France! Now the first pressing is sold out we offer this very limited re-release on Burning Red vinyl. HURRY!!

  LOVE MOODS Teach Me Tiger 7" (CORD035) $6
Some might think Bruce Milne had it all. As founder of Au-go-go Records, he owned one of Australia’s hippest labels and coolest stores. But somehow, life seemed hollow for Bruce... Suddenly, he sold Au Go Go and started a life of global jet setting. Hanging out in sleazy cocktail joints in the most exotic corners of the Far East, Bruce sought enlightenment. Whilst in Japan, he began to frequent the Ai-No-Mood bar (rough translation, The Love Mood Bar) – a notorious bamboo shack which catered to the passing flotsam and jetsam of international playboys. Night after night, Bruce perched on his rattan bar stool, staring despondently into rapidly melting ice, until he eventually struck up a friendship with Hiroshi, the 12 year old fez-wearing barman who just happened to be a Zen Master. One evening, as Bruce staggered toward the door of the Ai-No-Mood, Hiroshi leaned over and said to him – in ancient Zen Haiku – “you are like a rock, rolling over barren land.” Unfortunately, due to his inebriated state and Hiroshi’s heavy accent, Bruce misheard those words of wisdom and thought he’d said, “you must start a rock’n’roll band.” The rest is as equally historic. Bruce gathered together the 4 people sitting closest to him at the Ai-No-Mood Bar. Next to him on stools were handsome Steve Miller (guitar) and Ben Lempriere (bass), who were watching the Ai-No-Mood All Female Revue band from which Bruce stole Rosie (drums) and sultry torch balladeer Olivia (vocals). THE LOVE MOODS soon became the toast of their home town, Melbourne, and toured Japan in March ’97. They’ve now released their debut 7” single, which mixes their love of cabaret music and garage rock’n’roll in a mysterious and exciting package as enticing as The Orient itself.

  ROYAL KNIGHTMARES Wound Up! 7" (CORD034) $6
Not since the waves of volcanic lava rolled over Pompeii has Italy experienced killer surf like this! The Royal Knightmares, Italy’s premier surf combo (is there another one?) are inspired by the great Italian surf twangers of old. It’s a little known fact that the Emperor Nero wasn’t actually playing a fiddle while Rome burned, he was really tugging on the whammy bar of his Fender Jaguar, and it was actually his over-heated reverb unit that sparked the blaze that brought down the Empire. But now the Royal Knightmares are set to create their own surf dominion. As the Emperor Caligula once said, “I declare myself a Goofy-Footer!”.

  CHUCK PROPHET & JIM DICKINSON 1000 Footprints In The Sand LP (CORD033) $17
Memphis legend Jim Dickinson recorded live in San Francisco with GREEN ON RED's Chuck Prophet and their all-star band the Creatures Of Habit. Includes great renditions of some roots classics as well as some of his own brilliant tunes, like "Across The Borderline" (often played live by Mr B. Dylan). Another Corduroy vinyl world exclusive.

  MISSISSIPPI BARRY A Fistful Of Barrys LP (CORD031) $17

  TELL-TALE HEARTS Later That Same Night In Springfield LP (CORD028) $17
The follow-up to our "Bitchin' Boss Rave Up With The Tell-Tale Hearts" LP, and this really was recorded later that SAME night! How the band could put in such a wild first show, go off and get MORE inebriated, and return with this scorching performance is beyond comprehension! Just goes to show they truly were infected with the spirit. Deluxe full-colour cover bears a sliiight resemblance to a certain famous cartoon family... buy before Groening sues!

  MONTELLS / THE EVIL split LP (CORD027) $17
Blasting 60s punk from Florida, 1966! You may've heard the Montells' "You Can't Make Me" on "Back From The Grave" and their split 7" with The Evil on Norton which features the ferocious "Movin' On"… well this has both those two classics plus a whole album's worth of unreleased brilliance! The Evil actually formed outa the ashes of The Montells, and you get the full history of both bands on the liner notes inside the awesome pink & silver gatefold sleeve!

  GREEN ON RED What Were We Thinking? 2LP/CD (CORD026) $22
A swansong release from one of America’s greatest roots rock bands. Green On Red were a pioneer of what is now commonly referred to as alternative country, and are cited as being at the forefront of this roots rock renaissance. What Were We Thinking? collects the absolute best of Green On Red’s unreleased material, spanning their entire tortured and twisted career. Included are demo, alternate and live versions of classics like ‘Gravity Talks’, ‘Cheap Wine’, ‘Sixteen Ways’, ‘Hair of The Dog’, and cool never-before-heard tracks. 19 tunes in all, personally selected by Green On Red’s main songwriters, Dan Stuart and Chuck Prophet, both of whom have gone on to pursue respected solo careers. This deluxe edition features extensive liner notes, original artwork and a special Australian-only bonus track that was mysteriously left off the ‘Killer Inside Me’ LP.

  PURITANS (My Baby's Mind Is Like A) Beach House CD (CORD025) $22
By popular demand we present a repressing of the Puritans' debut LP.

  BREADMAKERS Cool! 2LP/CD (CORD024) $22
An absolutely swingin', cocktail shakin' masterpiece from the Breadmakers. Lots of hip new & original tunes about martinis, highways, voodoo and tequila, all recorded in their favourite 1959 mono studio. The 2LP has NINE extra tracks!

  WILDEBEESTS Lairds Of The Boss Racket 7" (CORD023) $6
What do you get when you cross a MILKSHAKE, a THANE and a KAISER? Killer, raucous R'n'B!! What else did ya think?!?!

  BO-WEEVILS Trapped In The Garage 2LP/CD (CORD017) $22
The Garage Years: all the greatest songs from Australia's garage gods. The bands is still playing but have lost the Farfisa that made these early recordings such a treat.

  THE SEVENTH WAVE Always Offshore LP (CORD016) -- OUT OF PRINT!!


  T-BONES Cannot Settle Down LP/CD (CORD014) $17/$22

CORD013 -- The cursed release, domed to fail!

  VARIOUS Searching For Cool 7" (CORD012) $6
Finally back in print! One song each from TEENGENERATE,

  VARIOUS Time For A Drive! 7"EP (CORD011) -- SOLD OUT!!

  FIZZLEHEADS Shoot The Sun CD (CORD010) $22
"The perfect sun-kissed summer pop record" said InPress. Imagine LLOYD COLE lying in a deck chair with a pitcher of gin & tonic, strumming out a few tunes on a hot, lazy summer day.

  DAILY PLANETS Triple Single Pack 3x7" (CORD008) $10
The definitive retrospective collection from this rockin' young Melbourne trio. Were voted by Corduroy as THE band to watch out for in '97. Broke up in '98. Can't win 'em all!

  VARIOUS Not So Pretty - Pretty Things Tribute 2LP/CD (CORD007) $22
22 bands from around the globe pay tribute to The Pretty Things: CHESTERFIELD KINGS, THEE HEADCOATEES, TELL-TALE HEARTS, TEENGENERATE, KWYET KINGS, BREADMAKERS and others! Let's hear it from Mike Stax: “Like the perennial puke stain, the seminal music of The Pretty Things refuses to be washed away. Since the 1960’s, young bands have tapped into the raw, earthy brilliance of The Pretty Things’ sound as a source of energy and inspiration… just as the Pretties themselves tapped into the pure sounds of Chuck, Bo and Jimmy Reed. Now, on “Not So Pretty”, today’s bands from around the world pay tribute to the perennial influence of The Pretty Things and the magnificent, irremovable stain their music has left on rock’n’roll’s threadbare carpet.” CD has NO bonus tracks!

THE DAYTONAS Don't Look Now But It's The Daytonas!! LP (CORD006)

  PURITANS Have An R'n'B Party With… LP/CD (CORD005) $17/$22
Just like the title says, the Puritans rock out ive in Graham's monophonic lounge room with 100% hot R'n'B favourites!

  BREADMAKERS The Night The Moon Forgot To Rise CD (CORD004) $22
The Breadmakers go "Beggar's Banquet" -- up-tempo grooves mixed with acoustic country blues.

  WHOSE MUDDY SHOES Gasoline CD (CORD003) $22
All original r'n'b tunes in mono. These boys can swing out or get down & dirty like they do on the title track. Sadly defunct; now a classic!

  BREADMAKERS Hoodoo Nightspot LP (CORD002) -- OUT OF PRINT!!

  BREADMAKERS Twelve More Miles TO Midnight LP (CORD001) -- OUT OF PRINT!!